The Murie Science and Learning Center Scholarships

8 12 2009

Teacher Training Scholarships The Murie Science and Learning Center and Alaska Geographic recognize that teachers provide the greatest avenue for us to share park science and an appreciation for public lands with the American people. With the financial support of Alaska Geographic, the Murie Science and Learning Center annually offers scholarships to teachers wishing to attend our field seminars and teacher trainings. We thank Alaska Geographic for this support. Teacher Training Scholarship Application2010 Scholarship Application The Murie Science and Learning Center is awarding scholarships to teachers for attending our accredited teacher trainings and seminars. These field-based courses are small group intensives that expose teachers to science, research, and educational opportunities using Denali as their classroom. Information about these courses can be found at our Field Seminar page and at our Teacher Training page. The scholarship awards cover 75% of the course tuition and University credit fee. Up to four scholarships in 2010 will cover 100% of the tuition and provide a $400 travel stipend for teachers of rural Alaska schools. An optional section within the application form applies to these awards. The scholarship program is only available to full-time k-12 teachers within the United States. To apply, please download the application form. Applications will be evaluated based on the applicant’s anticipated use of the subject matter in a creative and practical manner. The application deadline is 6:00pm, Monday, January 4, 2010. 2010 Teacher Trainings available for scholarships: * iMovie: Movie Making and Podcasting in Denali (June 7-9) * Science Writing in the Heart of Denali (June 28 – July 1) * Geology of Denali (July 19-21) 2010 Field Seminars available for scholarships: * Birds of Denali (June 4-6) * Geology of the Nenana Canyon (June 12 & 13) * High Country Wildflowers for Beginners (June 14-16) * High Country Wildflowers: A Closer Look (June 18-20) * Knowledge informs Art: Drawing inspiration from Denali (June 21-23) * Denali’s Large Mammals (June 25-27) * Wildlife Tracking and Signs (July 3-5) * Drawing Denali’s Wildlife (July 9-11) * The Science of Fly-Fishing (July 17 & 18) * Wolves of Denali (July 26-28) * Denali Field Journaling (July 30 – August 1) * Bears of Denali (August 2-4) * Landscape Painting (August 5-8) * Searching for Denali’s Dinosaurs: Backcountry Citizen Science (August 9-12) * Predators and Prey (August 13-15) * The Turning Tundra: How Denali’s Plants & Animals Prepare for Winter (August 27-29) For questions please contact us by email. Teacher Training Scholarship Application2010 Scholarship Application





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