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30 12 2009

Postdoctoral Fellow Epidemiologist / Biologist
Req Number: 23400

Division: Life Sciences
Department: Cancer & DNA Damage Responses

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The Cancer and DNA Damage Responses Department at the Life Sciences Division offers an exciting opportunity for an epidemiologist/biologist with interest in biomarker epidemiology in humans to receive postdoctoral training and test the hypothesis that expression profiling of protein biomarkers in peripheral blood can be used to measure radiation exposure dose and to predict individual susceptibility to cellular and tissue toxicities.

As a postdoc, you will apply biomarker epidemiological methods to evaluate ghuman population factors that may modify protein measures of radiation dose and tissue damage. You’ll investigate radiation response pathways of variations in human susceptibilities for tissue damage and disease. Will also employ epidemiological approaches and statistical methods to investigations of genetic, physiological, and environmental factors that may modify human blood protein measures of radiation dose and tissue damage susceptibility.

Key responsibilities include:
• Conduct protein biomarker research into human variations in peripheral blood protein expression and tissue damage after exposures to ionizing radiation. Investigate the confounding effects of gender, aging, menstruation, diet and other common human population factors on gene-expression response profiles of human blood cells. Characterize radiation damage response pathways that are detectable in human peripheral blood. Identify determinants of susceptibility to genomic damage and tissue toxicity.
• Prepare human subjects protocols, adapt and test recruitment tools and questionnaires, organize donor recruitment and blood sample acquisition, perform quality assessments of biomarker assay results, and perform statistical analyses of research findings.
• Participate in the evaluation of protein biomarker results across rodent, monkey, and human systems and for the development of human biodosimetry algorithms.
• Work with the project’s principal investigator and supervisor in setting research directions.
• Perform statistical analyses of collected data and prepare summary reports of findings.
• Present formal and informal overviews of progress in experimental work at project team meetings and to meet funding agency requirements.
• Make research presentations at local and national meetings and publish research findings in peer reviewed scientific journals.
• Train staff on record keeping, data quality assessment, and statistical evaluation.
• Perform tissue culture and cellular analyses of human blood cells.
• Apply and interpret bioinformatics tools of gene functions, pathways, and gene interaction networks associated with radiation response.

Qualifications include:
• Recent Ph.D. degree in Epidemiology, Computational Biology, Biostatistics, or related field.
• Experience in epidemiological research of molecular biomarkers of cellular toxicity, susceptibility or disease.
• Formal training and experience with complex biomedical data sets.
• Productivity in biomedical research as evidenced by publications.
• Ability to design and conduct experiments with general oversight, maintain accurate records, manage complex data sets, and employ biostatistical approaches to complex data sets.
• Demonstrated experience in data reduction and analyses, and preparation of presentations, reports, and research manuscript.
• Effective communication skills as demonstrated through presentation of seminars, oral presentations at meetings and/or teaching lectures.
• Experience in radiation biology and proteomics or protein biology.
• Knowledge and experience with bioinformatics tools of gene functions, pathways, and gene interaction networks.
• Research experience with molecular biology and genome techniques, such as protein analyses in mammalian cells.
• Prior experience in multi-center biomedical contract research.
• Experience in culture and analyses of peripheral blood constituents.

Note – This is a full-time one-year term appointment with a possibility of renewal contingent upon the availability of work, funding and satisfactory performance.

Please also view the other job opportunities under the Cancer and DNA Damage Response Department (CADDR):
Cellular & Molecular Biologist Postdoc, job # 23401
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How To Apply
Apply directly online at and follow the online instructions to complete the application process. As part of the online application process, please submit a single attachment that includes both your resume or CV and a statement of your research interests. Please be sure to reference where you found out about the position.

Berkeley Lab is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer committed to the development of a diverse workforce.






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