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17 02 2010

* *

The Cape Verde nesting population of Loggerhead Sea Turtles (*Caretta
caretta*) is the third largest population in the world after the nesting
populations of Oman and Southeast Florida. Up to 90% of the nesting occurs
on the island of Boavista, the largest of the eastern islands with an area
of approximately 620 km².
*The females are currently being heavily exploited by poachers for their
meat when they come ashore to lay eggs during the nesting season which takes
place between June and October. Turtle Foundation initiated conservation
efforts in the island in 2008, and is continuously expanding its work in
order to cover as many unprotected beaches as possible. Ever since its work
started, and in collaboration with another NGO in the island, poaching has
been dramatically reduced.*

Turtle foundation is seeking highly motivated individuals that would like to
participate in our sea turtle conservation projects in Boavista, Cape Verde.

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:
– Conservation Volunteers (minimum 2 weeks)
– Camp Coordinators (5 months participation necessary)
* *
*General Duties for participants in the projects are:*

*Beach patrols *
Patrols are undertaken each night at varying hours and in the early morning.
Our beaches range 3Km-5Km. The patrols serve several functions and may last
between 4-6 hours:

– Search for nesting activity and nesting turtles;
– Helping with tagging post-nesting turtles, carapace measuring and other
data collection;
– Search for any evidence of nests hatching;
– Nest excavations and relocations;
– Collect data on nesting turtles and nesting events;
– Maintenance and preparation of equipment

*Beach Clean ups*
These are done regularly and involve schools, community, local businesses
and the hotels in Boavista.

*Education & awareness*
[image: *] Producing and distributing conservation related signs in the
beaches is an ongoing activity;
[image: *] Assisting with organized turtle watches and other events for
school/community groups & tourists;

* *
* *

*Camp Coordinator APPLICATION D**EADLINE: 1st March 2010***

The position of *Camp Coordinator* would suit an ambitious individual who
wishes to pursue a career in sea turtle conservation. You will report to the
Field Coordinator but should be capable of managing the project with little

Minimum requirements for this position are: Available for 5 months (June 1st – October 31st (starting and ending periods may be flexible, please inquire); Demonstrated oral language skills in Portuguese or Spanish.
Able to converse, receive and understand instructions in English.
Must have up to date First Aid Certification; An educational background in Wildlife Conservation, Biology, Ecology or similar field is preferred; Minimum age of 21;

*Benefits/Costs: *

Turtle Foundation will incur with the costs towards food and accommodation
during your time in the project, and transportation to and from project
sites once in the island. This is a volunteer, a small stipend will be


*Volunteers* will work under the Camp Coordinator’s supervision and comply
with the following requirements:
Available for a minimum of 2 weeks;
Able to converse, receive and understand instructions in English;
Be able to withstand extremely difficult and sometimes adverse
living and working conditions; Minimum age of 18;
Physically in good condition and good health and enjoy working
outdoors;Being able to work in remote areas under extremely basic
conditions (no sanitation in beach camps).
* *
*Benefits/Costs: *
Volunteers are requested to cover a participation fee of €12 per day during their time in the project. Longer stays will benefit from reduced fees.

Airfare, travel/medical insurance and personal expenses are not included in the cost. It is mandatory for all applicants to take out travel and medical insurance for the duration of the project. On free days participants cover their own expenses.

*Please visit our website at http://www.turtle-foundation for full job
descriptions, and instructions on how to apply.*


Field Biologist
Turtle Foundation – Cabo Verde
Tel: +238 9840251





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