8 06 2010

FIELD VOLUNTEERS – This year in Navarra, we are starting up a new

project: the study of the post-breedingmigration of birds as they pass over the Navarran Pyrenees and the Collado de Lindusmountain pass in particular.The LINDUS project, promoted and led by Auritz-Burguete town council, has theparticipation of their French partner, the LPO (The League for the Protection of Birds) andthe Department for Rural Development through the public company Gestión Ambiental,Viveros y Repoblaciones de Navarra (Environmental Management, Nurseries andReforestation of Navarra).The main aim of the project is to study migration, for which the help and collaboration offield volunteers is essential.Auritz-Burguete’s town council therefore invites all those over 18 who are interested inornithology in particular or the environment in general, to participate as volunteers in theLINDUS project.The field study with volunteers will be carried out during Aug and Sep, in 6 shiftsof 10 days each.During this time, the volunteers will have the opportunity to share field hours withprofessional ornithologists who will instruct them and support them at all times.Dates and shifts:Shifts will consist of 10 days each and the volunteer will join the shift on the afternoon ofthe first day, and leave the morning of the final day.The shifts are as follows:- 3 to 12

Aug,- 12 to 21 Aug,- 21 to 30 Aug,- 30 Aug to 8 Sep,- 8 to 17 Sep,- 17 to 27 Sep.If you have any queries please contact us by email (EM:

administración@burguete.es ).





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